S IH-35 PMC Infrastructure Improvements Martin Hill Water Transmission Main
Austin, TX
Macias & Associates prepared a route survey showing the approximate location of the right of way lines, existing improvements, utilities on the surface and the underground record utilities of the subject areas.  The project was 7,600 feet long.  Macias provided a field crew to locate right of way evidence, fences, sidewalks, driveways, top of water valve nut, water meters, water valves and hydrants, wastewater manholes (opened and detailed), storm, electric telephone/utility poles, gas and other underground and surface utilities. Set approximately 7 benchmarks as horizontal and vertical control points, not more than 1000’ apart. Macias prepared sketches and legal description for 5 permanent and 5 temporary easements.  We also provided assistance in selecting sites for SUE test holes, provided personnel to acquire a City of Austin permit for traffic control, provided mobilization of vacuum truck, coring and preparing the ground conditions for the test holes, and provided a signed and sealed hard copy of the test hole results.